About Service Exchange
1. What does Service Exchange do?
Service Exchange connects people and service providers. Sign up, sign in and start buying and/or selling services today.
2. Is Service Exchange free?
Yes. If you sell your services else where, you will pay that platform 20% or more of your earnings. Here you list and sell your services for free. If you are looking for and buying services, you obviously still need to pay your service provider. However, Service Exchange itself is free.
3. What services can I sell?
Tutoring, coaching, plumbing, electrical, gardening, programming, anything that you are good at. See: sell my free time online.
4. How do I sell my services?
You can set up your shop, post information about your services, accept appointments online and communicate with your clients. You can also search for jobs and subscribe to some channels to receive new job notificaitons.
5. What kind of services can I find here?
Anything. Anything that you need help with, there maybe someone providing that service.
6. How do I look for service providers?
You post a job. Service providers will contact you. You can also search the Service Provider directory and then contact them.
7. What are jobs?
Jobs are one way of looking for services. Need help with somthing? Post a job.
8. What about full time jobs?
Yes, you can post and find full time jobs. Essentially employees provide full time service to their employers, right?
9. What about volunteer jobs?
Yes, you can post and find volunteer jobs. Volunteers provide services that cost $0.
10. What are channels?
Channels are a way of organizing jobs. You can create a public channel and post jobs there to be seen by the world. You can also create private channels that are visible to members only. That way, you can control who can apply for your jobs.
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