Service Exchange is where you buy and sell services
1. Is Service Exchange free?
Yes. Other platforms charge 15% or more of your earnings. It is free here to buy and sell services. (If you buy a service, unless it is a free service, you still need to pay your service provider. )
2. What kind of services can I sell?
Tutoring, coaching, plumbing, electrical, gardening, programming, anything that you know how to do. See: sell my free time online.
3. How do I sell my services?
Set up your shop Set up your shop to be found and to receive orders. You can also search for jobs and subscribe to some channels to receive new job notificaitons.
4. What kind of services can I buy?
Anything. Anything that you need help with, there maybe someone providing that service.
5. How do I buy services?
Find the service Find the service and buy it. Or you can post a job and wait to be contacted by service providers.
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